Wasteland los angeles7428 Melrose Ave (map)
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 653-3028

Santa Monica: (310) 395-2620
Studio City: (818) 980-8800


In the Hollywood vintage clothing racket, Wasteland is more or less the central pillar, at least as far as the everyday shopper goes. They’re selective, which means their racks are filled with real, valuable designer vintage garments in good condition – though they’re also becoming home to the new, mass-produced pseudo-vintage trend haunting vintage stores. Their shops are also decorated well, with unique displays, cool furniture and a retro-’70s vibe, recently with more ’90s leanings, complete with cool in-store soundtrack (though this depends on the cashiers). They’re a little pricier than some of their competitors, and selling is a little harder, but you tend to get a better experience out of it overall. Just make sure you try it on before you walk out.

The haiku version:

A typhoon of style
Blew in from the seventies
And brought lots of jeans

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By Peter Kimmich

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