Crossroads Trading Co.

crossroads melrose7409 Melrose Avenue (map)
Los Angeles, CA 90046-7514
(323) 782-8100

Santa Monica (310) 255-0500
Silverlake (323) 644-0060
Studio City (818) 761-6200
West Hollywood (323) 654-0505

Crossroads is the less picky, slightly more oddball alternative to the high-browed Wasteland, and about on the same playing field as its main competitor, Buffalo Exchange. Its name isn’t necessarily on the lips of every hipster in town, and depending on the location you may have to sift through racks full of made-to-look-vintage cowboy shirts, print-covered bro tees and nondescript jeans to find anything worthwhile. But every so often you’ll come across the shirt you saw for three times the price a few months ago, or the killer pair of Steve Maddens barely worn by some rich kid. It’s thrift mixed with vintage, sellers find it a little less finicky than a few other places, and if you enjoy the hunt, it’s well worth stopping in.

The haiku version:

See what you can find
After Will Smith from Fresh Prince
Drops off all his clothes

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By Peter Kimmich

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