Pink Taco

pink taco los angeles10250 Santa Monica Blvd. #220 (map)
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 789-1000

Crazy delicious Mexican food combines with a décor that could be described as voodoo-psycho-low rider in this savvy restaurant-bar, located on the second level of the Century City shopping area. Diners can stare at stylized statuettes of the Virgin Mary while consuming nachos and burritos under huge, golden piñata-like stars. The menu covers the standard fare with style, adding interesting touches like their pickled pink onions, jalapeno mayo and brandy chipotle cream sauce. You can order from nine specialty margaritas and a host of other cocktails, plus whatever secret creations doubtless exist off the menu. The outdoor patio can seat your large party, and the service is more on top of things than Cheech at a sorority function. Ask for server Jake, he’s the bomb.

West LA average prices

The haiku version:

Nachos and tacos
That know how to kick your ass

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By Peter Kimmich

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