Don Antonio’s

Don Antonio's11755 W Pico Blvd (map)
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 312-2090

Listen closely: Get the fajitas. Beef, chicken or shrimp, it doesn’t matter (ok, the beef’s the best). The fajitas are the best thing about Don Antonio’s, followed closely by the margaritas and the chips, both of which come out nice and toasty. The food isn’t the only inviting thing about this restaurant, though – the dark, richly decorated atmosphere and the ivy-lined back patio make it a fun place for friends, or a romantic hideaway for a date. Try to get a seat in the cave, and check out the huge tropical aquarium on your way out.

West LA average prices

The haiku version:

Fajitas go well
With famous margaritas
Try them in the cave

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By Peter Kimmich

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