benihana los angeles38 North La Cienega Blvd (map)
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 659-1511

Santa Monica (310) 260-1423
Encino (818) 788-7121
Torrance (310) 316-7777
City of Industry (626) 912-8784
Anaheim (714) 774-4940

On most nights at Benihana, a birthday song erupts every 15 minutes or so. That is because Benihana is a place people tend to go for birthdays — as well as anniversaries, parent visits, going away parties, moving in parties, and every other kind of party. Besides offering a flavorful selection of Japanese-style steaks, chicken and seafood, as well as sushi, fried rice, vegetables and other delectables, everything (except the sushi, obviously) is prepared teppanyaki-style, fried on a huge iron griddle right at your table. Entertainment is provided too, as chefs whip out an array of well-practiced food tricks. Shrimps fly up in the air and land in pockets, onions rings are stacked to create steaming volcanoes, things are chopped at extraordinary rates, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, things are even balanced on other things. As a disclaimer, you will not be happy if you’re on a diet, or if you dislike smelling of food upon leaving a restaurant. But in every other circumstance, you’ll probably be ecstatic.

Beverly Hills average prices

The haiku version:

Fear not, fun-at-heart
Little kids have Chuck E. Cheese
But we have this place

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By Peter Kimmich

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