Libertine on Sunset

libertine on sunset west hollywood8210 West Sunset Blvd (map)
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 656-3005

The Libertine is the Sunset Strip-style club for Los Angelenos who aren’t particularly into Sunset Strip or clubs. With a posh, upscale atmosphere, plus fireplace, couch seating and outside patio, minus lines, dress code and douchey attitude, this is where you might take your out-of-town friends on night two of their visit, after you’ve had your fill of all the typical “Hollywood” places you’d bring them to on night one. The comfortable back room houses a few big-screen TVs for a relaxing veg-a-thon, the outside smoking area has its own bar (though not quite as equipped as the main bar), and the dance floor is more “unofficial” than some places, roughly resembling the boogie area created in the living room of your buddy’s Hollywood Hills pad. Musically you will hear house, some respectable electronic and indie selections, and nearly zero top-40 sludge. Price-wise it’s not East Hollywood, but it’s also not your typical Sunset Strip bar. Expect to pay around $7 to $9 for a standard drink. The bar also serves a decent menu of food, on par with any restaurant in the area. The $14 valet is tough (it’s still Sunset), but at least you won’t get a drink poured on you by some guy in Kanye shades.

West Hollywood average prices

The haiku version:

Kind of like a house
Owned by a really rich guy
With lots of TVs

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By Peter Kimmich

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