jones7205 Santa Monica Blvd (map)
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 850-1726

The second best thing about Jones is the fact that they serve food during the high party hours, which means late night pizza is a definite possibility if this is where you end up. The only drawback is this means it’s nearly impossible to find a surface to sit on, because nearly everything is set aside for diners. But there is the cushion-filled, artsy lounge room, which is a little darker and more intimate than the main bar, and you can usually get a booth if you order bread (totally worth it). But the best thing about Jones is the jukebox – featuring a solid catalog of indie rock, UK punk, new-age folk, post-punk ’80s, and basically everything a respectable music aficionado is partial to. Party.

West Hollywood average prices

The haiku version:

Mellow urban bar
And classy Italian place
With a bomb jukebox

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By Peter Kimmich

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