Have a View of LA From Anywhere

August 13th, 2010 by Peter Kimmich

la skylineLos Angelenos who move out of town usually end up missing their city. Its crazy architecture, the gigantic ads, and especially the unique, stately skyline. Wish there was some way to take it with you?

Create My Scene is a Florida-based company specializing in giving Angelenos (well, and everyone else) the view they want from their windows, instead of whatever part of Detroit or Stockton they’re currently calling home. It’s as simple as creating a life-size, photo-based window film, adding a little sunlight to make it come alive, and there you are back in your old stomping grounds. Ah, remember that smell?

Curious? Visit Create My Scene to bring home back to wherever you are.

This announcement brought to you by the crazy homeless guy who never seems to leave your driveway.

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