The Satellite

The Satellite los angeles1717 Silver Lake Blvd (map)
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 661-4380

You may have seen it in “Yes Man,” or in a crappy teen drama that tried (unsuccessfully) to transpose Orange County’s pop-punk scene into the retro, thrift-shop culture of Silver Lake, but The Satellite (formerly Spaceland) is more or less what its name implies. The stage area is walled in by a glittering blue and silver curtain, the floor patterns are 1970s roller-rink, and the back room resembles an old Star Trek episode. Is that a launch helmet hanging from the ceiling? The bands that play there (the booking agent is very selective) complete the retro vibe, and there’s even a table-style Pac-Man game for you to freak out over.

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The haiku version:

‘80s cult scene
Provides the city with new
‘80s cult bands

By Peter Kimmich

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